Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NoSQL vs. SomeSQL

Linux Journal had a fantastic article (SQL vs. NoSQL) some time back. While I know this is a bit of hopping on the bandwagon, I like the point this video is trying to make: http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6995033/mongo-db-is-web-scale. Caution: The language used in this "video" may not be appropriate for some viewers.

There are lots of folks out there that like to tout numbers on performance and how sometimes performance is really fast under "ideal" conditions, but as both point out, the trick is to know how to balance performance/scalability, reliability, and availability. /dev/null is extremely scalable and available but it's completely unreliable. In MySQL - the Blackhole storage engine has a lot of the same performance metrics but used properly, can be a great way to "pass through" data in a replication ring.

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